Protect against pregnancy

There are many different kinds of contraceptives. A contraceptive should not only protect against unwanted pregnancy, it should also suit your personality and body. Sometimes you need to try out different types. To get certain kinds of contraceptives, you need a prescription from a midwife or a doctor. Emergency contraceptive pills can be purchased over the counter at the pharmacy. At and, you can read more about different methods and how to get help in finding an alternative that is right for you and your lifestyle.

If you are sexually active in a way that may result in pregnancy but are completely sure that you don’t want any (more) biological children and don’t want/can’t use other contraceptives, sterilization is a very safe contraceptive. The lowest age limit for this procedure is 25.

Sterilization is done in a hospital. For women, the fallopian tubes are either cut or sealed so that the eggs cannot be fertilized and make it down to the uterus. For men, the spermatic duct is cut, and the ends are sealed. The sperm can no longer be guided into the urethra, and ejaculation will now be free from sperm. The sexual function, ovulation and sperm production are not affected by the procedure.

Sterilization is considered to be permanent. The fallopian tubes cannot be restored, but a woman who regrets having had the procedure may have a chance of getting pregnant through assisted reproductive technology.

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